“Goldsby quicksteps from bumptious to bawdy to trenchant with impeccable timing with her hilarious, truth-telling writing. Brava!” Betsy Burton, The King’s English

Goldsby’s popular blog features essays about her life as a musician, parent, wife, and observer of all things bizarre and wonderful.

Quiet, Interrupted

We’re in the zone—reading, contemplating the day’s highlights and lowlights, planning dinner, waiting to board a flight, worrying about our dwindling savings accounts, or, in

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Playing with Words

My father plays the drums. He also tells stories. When I was a child, he entertained our family at dinnertime with colorful observations about playing

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Little Scraps of Paper

Kids and drunks have a lot in common. They’re brutally honest, totally unpredictable, and anxious to be noticed, even if it means jumping up and

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King of Kings

Lovely to see so many members of the press corps here today. I know how busy you are covering Omicron, Ghislaine, and Harry and Meghan’s

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Wake Up, Santa!

In 1972 I won the coveted role of the talking Christmas tree at South Hills Village in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a classic suburban shopping mall whose

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When I’m Sixty-Four

Another song lyric comes true. I shouldn’t be surprised that sixty-four sneaked up on me, but since I’ve spent most of the last three decades

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Running on Empty

I stopped drinking a year ago. Those of you familiar with my tales of debauchery and hijinks from the piano lounge might find it hard

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