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“Powerful, emotional music.” Matt Stuart, Time Magazine

Goldsby has sculpted a place for herself as a master of gracefully played ambient music that elevates the elegance of any occasion. A popular solo-piano artist, Goldsby has logged over 200 million streams on the Pandora platform in the USA.

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Parting Glass

Parting Glass, the second EP in The Piano Room Collection, braids wistful melodies with some of Robin Meloy Goldsby’s most cherished memories. Each of the six tracks tenders a few minutes of serenity that mirror the beautiful sadness of humankind.

Dearest Things

“My music is a mirror, not a megaphone," says Robin. "It reflects our common desire for civility and peace in a tumultuous and heavy world. Serenity, light, harmony—these are the dearest things I know.”

Familiar Places

The first album in The Piano Room Collection, Familiar Places, honors the passing of time with musical references to the wisdom, longing, and wistful memories we gain as we grow accustomed to the loss of youth.

Living Room

A quiet, melodic soundtrack to enhance life's most meaningful moments.

Piano del Sol — Winter

The melodies that outline the blue season—haunting, wistful, full of hope.

Piano del Sol: Summer

It's a lazy afternoon. Close your eyes, float in a golden pool of summer light, and dream of nothing at all.

Piano del Sol Spring

The water shimmers, a breeze traces patterns in the dune grass, and footprints in the sand lead you back to places you love.

Piano del Sol Autumn

A September wind chills your face and the future, churning like the ocean, promises a season of reflection.

Home and Away

A wistful tour of all the places Goldsby has called home. A little bit of quiet in a noisy world.


Full of optimism and gentle power, Goldsby's music echos the subtle changes of the seasons.

Songs from the Castle

Goldsby's trademark album of original compositions and standards, featuring her "Pachelbel Canon in D."

Waltz of the Asparagus People

Goldsby's most poplular release, featuring "A River Flows in You." Distinctive, delicate, melodic.


Beautiful arrangements of traditional Christmas music, contemporary classics, and four of Goldsby's compositions.

Somewhere in Time

Goldsby's first album—presenting her unique arrangements of standards and popular classics,.


Fifteen original compositions for solo piano, reflecting Goldsby's move to Europe, her children, love, and loneliness.