Featured Album

Living Room: Volume 3

Living Room, a collection of solo piano music arranged and performed by Robin Meloy Goldsby, offers an elegant, quiet, and melodic sound track to enhance life’s most meaningful moments. Robin Meloy Goldsby’s delicate touch and poetic interpretations of favorite melodies—refined over four decades of performing in the world’s best cocktail lounges and hotels—inspire creativity, imagination, […]

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Featured Book

Piano Girl Playbook: Notes on a Musical Life

Available everywhere in hardcover and ebook editions. A pianist in lounges and lobbies around the world, Robin Meloy Goldsby tells her warm-hearted stories by linking people she has met with places she has played. Along the way, she connects the humanity of her audiences—princes and paupers, dreamers and doers, moguls, mobsters, wanna-bes, and has-beens—with the […]

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Little Scraps of Paper

Kids and drunks have a lot in common. They’re brutally honest, totally unpredictable, and anxious to be noticed, even if it means jumping up and down on a red velvet seat and pouring the remains of a beverage down the collar of any guy who happens to be in fun’s way. With this in mind, it’s not such a stretch for me to go from lounge pianist to musical director of a touring Sesame Street show.