Quiet, Interrupted

We’re in the zone—reading, contemplating the day’s highlights and lowlights, planning dinner, waiting to board a flight, worrying about our dwindling savings accounts, or, in my case, playing the piano in a tranquil, upscale lounge, when—zap—out of nowhere the metallic, artificial, staticky sound of someone’s speaker phone slices our reverie to shreds.  I have arguably […]

Wake Up, Santa!

In 1972 I won the coveted role of the talking Christmas tree at South Hills Village in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a classic suburban shopping mall whose other highlights were fast food French fries, soft pretzels, and Florsheim shoes.

Concert in Candlelight: Home for the Holidays

The Concert in Candlelight tradition continues! Celebrate the Advent season with the brilliant pianist and author, Robin Meloy Goldsby. “Home for the Holidays” features Mrs. Goldsby’s unique arrangements of familiar holiday melodies, new compositions from her album, “Home & Away,” and charming stories about Christmas in Europe and the USA.

Married to the Bass

Okay, Ladies, listen up. Bass players make great husbands. There is no scientific data to support my claim. But having worked my way through the rhythm section, the technicians, and a handful of brass, reed, and string players, I’m a qualified judge.