The View from Here

A Piano Girl classic: A German castle on a lake, a determined June bride, an angry man in a wheelchair, an injured musician—sometimes the view from the piano seems like a Impressionist painting. Beautiful, but only when seen from a distance.

Piano Girl in Germany, an interview with MultiCoolty

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an expatriate American musician living in Europe? Check out this video interview with Robin at Schlosshotel Lerbach, the castle where she has performed for the past twelve years.    

Let’s Talk Weddings . . .

I’ve been threatening to do a wedding video for years, and now, here it is! I spend a lot of time playing the piano for brides and grooms. It’s a happy way to make a living. Most of the time I play for events at Schlosshotel Lerbach, but if you’re living somewhere other than Germany […]