Robin Meloy Goldsby

Pianist, author, and composer Robin Meloy Goldsby performs live in a variety of settings. She currently plays solo piano in two of Europe’s top hotels—Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne and Brenners Park in Baden Baden. She serves as a cultural ambassador for European organizations dedicated to transatlantic relations and women’s rights. Goldsby has performed for His Majesty, King Charles, at Buckingham Palace, for former Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, and for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court at the installation of Chief Justice Debra Todd. A popular solo-piano streaming artist, Goldsby has over 200 million streams on the Pandora platform in the USA.

About me

Robin Meloy Goldsby About Me

Robin Meloy Goldsby is an American pianist, composer, and author. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she is the daughter of drummer Bob Rawsthorne, who was one of the musicians on the PBS television show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Robin started playing in piano lounges during summers on Nantucket Island while working her way through Chatham College. Those early engagements shaped her career as a solo-piano performer in Manhattan five-star hotels and the European Grand Hotels and castles where she currently performs. Robin is married to bassist John Goldsby. They have resided in Cologne, Germany since 1994.

“Powerful, emotional music . . .”  Matt Stuart, Time Magazine

With decades of experience in many of the world’s best piano rooms, Robin Meloy Goldsby has sculpted a place for herself as a master of gracefully played ambient music that elevates the elegance of any occasion. A popular streaming artist, Goldsby has logged over 200 million streams on the Pandora platform in the USA. 

Fans describe her melodies as peaceful, inspirational, and magical. 

Solo Piano Sheet Music

Do you play the piano? Discover Robin's transcriptions of her popular original piano compositions. We provide full transcriptions to get you started, along with chord symbols to encourage you to improvise on Robin's beautiful melodies.

“Goldsby has a wicked sense of humor and a keen eye for the absurd. This is bold, truth-telling, eye-opening memoir.” Publishers’ Weekly Starred Review of Piano Girl.

Robin is the celebrated author of five heart-warming books about music and musicians. Her newest book, Piano Girl Playbook: Notes on a Musical Life, is available everywhere in hard cover and ebook editions.