Piano Girl in Germany, an interview with MultiCoolty

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an expatriate American musician living in Europe? Check out this video interview with Robin at Schlosshotel Lerbach, the castle where she has performed for the past twelve years.



Schlosshotel Lerbach: Concerts in the Castle, Fall-Winter 2013

Robin Meloy Goldsby: Artistic Director


For more information and reservations, please call Schlosshotel Lerbach: +49(0)2202-2040.

Visit the Schlosshotel Lerbach Website at:

September 21: Be Our Guest with Michael Sorg and Peggy O

October 4: Mozart und mehr with the Mercator Ensemble

October 6: Literary and music program for kids

October 27: Brazilian Night with Ulla Haesen

November 1: When the Saints Go Marchin’ In (New Orleans Night!)

November 10: Thomas Weber, Chopin auf Mallorca

Nov 30 & Dec 1: HOBO und die Waldfeen!

December 8: Concert in Candlelight with Robin Goldsby & Heike Bänsch

December 28: Swinging through the Years w/Engelbert Wrobel

December 29: Songs in Glamour with Thomas Weber & Janina Keppel

January 1: Exotica, a New Year’s Concert with Benyamin Nuss

Concerts in the Castle, Schlosshotel Lerbach, Spring 2013

Robin Meloy Goldsby is the Artistic Director for the Schlosshotel Lerbach “Concerts in the Castle” series. She has been an “artist in residence” at Lerbach since 2001, playing the piano for hotel and fine-dining guests every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Once a month, Ms. Goldsby, along with Schlosshotel Lerbach Director Christian Siegling, present a concert in the hotel’s beautiful Magnolia Salon. World-class artists in a gorgeous 5-star setting—a perfect combination! Check out the roster for the upcoming Spring 2013 season.

Schlosshotel Lerbach in Early Spring


Photos by Julia Goldsby

Music: Pachelbel Canon in D: Variations on a Theme
From the recording SONGS FROM THE CASTLE
Arranged and performed by Robin Meloy Goldsby

Waltz of the Asparagus People – Book Trailer

The Piano Girl journey continues. Waltz of the Asparagus People follows Robin Meloy Goldsby and her family to Europe, recounting their adventures and frustrations as they learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, and find new friends.

Waltz of the Asparagus People has also been translated into German. It is called Walzer der Spargelmenschen and is available from Amazon.de.

Goldsby’s newest CD (same title) presents solo piano pieces that correspond with the stories in the book. It’s available from Amazon and iTunes.

This video features Goldsby’s performance of the title track, Waltz of the Asparagus People.

Touch The Rain

“Touch The Rain,” performed by Jessica Gall, lyrics by Robin Meloy Goldsby, video by Julia Goldsby

Rhythm – Book Trailer

This video presents author Robin Meloy Goldsby talking about her new novel, Rhythm. Robin reveals the stories behind Rhythm and reads a short excerpt.