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Robin Meloy Goldsby’s Magnolia celebrates the arrival of spring. With her relaxing, refreshing, and beautiful arrangements Robin offers the listener forty-five graceful minutes of skillful solo piano. Full of optimism and gentle power, her original compositions echo the subtle change of seasons, while her interpretations of familiar melodies reflect the passing of time. Her music […]

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Manhattan Road Trip: Short Stories

Manhattan Road Trip: Short Stories In Robin Meloy Goldsby’s musical tales of passion, wild success and gut-wrenching regret, a classical pianist battles middle age and Rachmaninoff; a bebop saxophonist struggles with a varmint sharing her New York City apartment; and a cellist performs Mozart for her mentally ill mother. Filled with the biting humor and […]

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Magic to Do

Danny Herman and I move from Pittsburgh to New York City around the same time, and quickly learn that the best jobs for young performers are road gigs. When we’re offered a tour of Don Brockett’s Big Bad Burlesque, we jump at the opportunity. Danny is a dancer and an acrobat. I’m a pianist and occasional actress. After an intense rehearsal period back in Pittsburgh, we move to St. Louis, where we spend a few glorious months living at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. We perform eight shows a week in a sparkling little theater deep in the hotel’s dank underbelly. We are up to our necks in sequins and Spandex and smell like sweat, hairspray, and eyelash glue.