“Powerful and emotional music.” Matt Stuart, Time Magazine. be sure to stream Robin’s newest EP, Living Room: Volume 1, dropping on February 1, 2022. Pianist, Steinway Artist, solo piano recording artist and composer Robin Meloy Goldsby is the author of Piano Girl, Rhythm, Waltz of the Asparagus People, and Manhattan Road Trip. Her newest book, Piano Girl Playbook: Notes on a Musical Life, launched on June 18th, 2021. Robin’s popular monthly essays, featured on her Notes and Words blog, offer a behind the scenes glimpse into the inner-life of a working musician.  Her nine solo piano recordings, available on all platforms, have attracted a loyal following of piano enthusiasts around the globe, with over 180 million streams on Pandora in the USA. Explore this site to discover more about Robin’s books and recordings, to read her monthly essays, to download her electronic press kit, or to find out where she’ll be performing live in the coming months. To stay in touch, please sign up for Robin’s monthly newsletter—it’s free, fun, and filled with music, light, and laughter. And do have a listen to The Piano Girl Podcast. Do you play the piano? Robin’s solo piano sheet music is now available here.


A Note from Robin

Shout it out! My new book, Piano Girl Playbook: Notes on a Musical Life (Backbeat Books) is now available everywhere in hardcover and ebook editions. Join the party and order your copy now—it’s a fun summer read for anyone who loves music. The book features a glorious foreword by one of my favorite authors, Mike Edison, and wonderful illustrations by Julia Meloy Goldsby. Hallelujah! I’m performing my solo piano music at Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne. See the calendar for details. Do stop by. In the meantime, check out the first three volumes of my new album, Living Room.  I hope my music accompanies all the good things in your life.

With gratitude and delight,