Rhythm: A Novel

Meet teenage drummer Jane Bowman. She’s fifteen, funny, and wounded by the loss of her famous percussionist mother. Robin Meloy Goldsby’s touching and humorous coming-of-age musical odyssey invites us to tap our toes in time to Jane’s powerful music—cheering her on as she mends her shattered heart, finds her groove, and discovers the tragic beauty of human resilience.

“Rhythm is a coming-of-age novel about a teenage musician grappling with love and loss. Goldsby’s first novel (after her 2005 memoir Piano Girl), spans 15 years in the life of her gritty, resilient protagonist and is told with lyrical prose and deft characterization. Well-written, sympathetically earnest fiction.” Kirkus Discoveries

“Goldsby, who marries the pathos of her plot line with the whimsy and near-magical-realism of her characters, deserves comparison with John Irving, a modern master.”
Marion Winik, NPR commentator and author

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