Songs From The Castle

Songs From The Castle

A collection of eleven new compositions for solo piano and several lovely standards, Songs from the Castle mingles Robin’s graceful melodies with the artistic and relaxed arrangements that have become her trademark.

Songs from the Castle,
Goldsby’s third solo piano recording, pays tribute to the places Robin once dreamed about, and to Schloss Lerbach, the European castle where she currently performs. Robin says: “In between those long-ago fantasies and the sometimes harsh reality of my everyday life as a musician and writer, I’ve built a few castles of my own. These invisible palaces exist in my cherished memories of family and friends, the home I’ve made with my husband and children, and the music I’ve continued to write . . .”

“Songs from the Castle” is one of the most beautifully played collections of solo piano I’ve ever heard. Robin Meloy Goldsby’s got a magical gift, the ability to stir memories and emotions with those 88 keys. Eleven of the songs of the 15 are her own compositions. The sound quality on this CD is stellar. It will be one of the half-dozen I take to the stereo store to test out audio equipment in the future. I feel completely inadequate to the task of describing the music here, but the following are three of my strongest impressions. This CD reminded me of the first music I remember–my Mom playing piano. Mom also played “Pachelbel Canon in D”, not as well as Robin, but I remember her smile whenever she heard the song.  “First Snow” reminds me of traveling up into the Smokies to Johnson City, TN one March and seeing snowflakes falling as big as half dollars. They were inexpressibly beautiful, chilling, and exhilarating at the same time. That purity rings in the notes from Ms. Goldsby’s Steinway. “Magic in the Night” conjured the images of my first sight of fireflies. I ran around my Grandma’s house trying to find ‘Tinkerbell.’  Music, like mirrors and magic, is strictly up to the listener’s interpretation. Just listen with your mind and heart open and see what this CD brings you.

R. Kyle (Knoxville, TN) – Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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