Living Room: Volume 1

Living Room, a collection of solo piano music arranged and performed by Robin Meloy Goldsby, offers an elegant, quiet, and melodic sound track to enhance life’s most meaningful moments.

Robin Meloy Goldsby’s delicate touch and poetic interpretations of favorite melodies—refined over four decades of performing in the world’s best cocktail lounges and hotels—inspire creativity, imagination, and relaxation. Goldsby plays with agility and charm, making her contribution to the canon of contemporary solo piano music a soothing anecdote to a chaotic world.

“Goldsby has a strong musical voice which is uniquely her own—full of genuine emotion that comes from the heart. Her approach is elegant, flowing, and always beautiful.” Kathy Parsons,

Powerful and emotional music.” Matt Stuart, Time Magazine

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Volume One

Una Mattina – 4:01

Jesse – 4:02

Arrival of the Birds – 4:06

Peace – 3:27

Gentle Rain – 3:07

One Summer’s Day – 3:37



December ushers in the holiday season with Robin Meloy Goldsby’s signature solo piano style, featuring beautiful arrangements of traditional Christmas music, contemporary classics, and four of Robin’s compositions.

This peaceful, elegant, and sophisticated music accompanies the most magical time of year. Robin’s daughter, Julia Goldsby debuts on the album as pianist and composer on the track Close to Midnight.

December was recorded on a Steinway B at Topaz Audio Studios in Cologne, Germany; engineered and mastered by Reinhard Kobialka and produced by John Goldsby.

Other solo piano albums by Robin Meloy Goldsby include Somewhere in Time, Twilight, Songs from the Castle, Waltz of the Asparagus People, and Magnolia. Robin Meloy Goldsby is a Steinway Artist.

Customer Reviews

Beautiful and delicate solo piano Christmas music
by Pianomonica

Goldsby has a distinctive, delicate playing style that she uses to great advantage in this collection of holiday music. Even the songs that have been covered extensively by others seem fresh and new as a result of her arrangements; “Greensleeves” and “We Three Kings” are particularly strong in that regard. Goldsby also provides a mellower take on the popular Vince Guaraldi tune, “Christmas Time is Here” that is especially pleasing. I was happy to see her cover of “Leise Rieselt Der Schnee” included on the album; a traditional German carol, it’s not well known to American audiences, but it should be because of its lovely melody.

Of the album, roughly half the pieces are arrangements of traditional carols, although these arrangements all share Goldsby’s trademark light and lovely touch on the piano. The other half of the album is devoted to original compositions by Goldsby (“Winter Sea” with its delicate cascades of descending arpeggios is probably my favorite of these), along with covers of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” neither of which are traditional Christmas songs yet work surprisingly well in the album. The most pleasant surprise, perhaps, on the album is the inclusion of “Close to Midnight,” an original piece composed and performed ably by Goldsby’s daughter, Julia, that is reminiscent of the work of Einaudi or Stephan Moccio.

This album is not loud or boisterous, and it’s not for rockin’ around the Christmas tree. But if you want an album to listen to after a long day of holiday bustle, shopping, cooking, and present-wrapping, this is the one I’d recommend for sitting in front of a fire, glass of wine or tea in hand, and taking a quiet moment to regain the peace and joy that is the true spirit of the holiday.

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Waltz Of The Asparagus People

The solo piano compositions on this recording correspond to the stories by Robin Meloy Goldsby from her book, Waltz of the Asparagus People. Available in both English and German (Walzer der Spargelmenschen), Goldsby s lyrical stories reveal the trials and triumphs of an expatriate musician s life, as she connects her music to family, friends, and home, past and present.

Album Reviews:

This, in my opinion, is one of the best contemporary solo piano albums of the year. Robin Meloy Goldsby’s playing is delicate and flawless, whether she is playing covers of well-known piano works (such as Yiruma’s “River Flows in You” and the “Theme from Romeo and Juliet”) or her own compositions. Although the album was designed as a companion to Goldsby’s recent memoir by the same title, you do not have to read the book to enjoy the album (though I encourage you to do so, as it is tremendously entertaining). I loved all the pieces on the album, but the stand-out track, in my opinion, is her variation on the gorgeous piece by Yann Tiersen, “Comptine d’un autre ete”, from the movie “Amelie.” I’m not quite sure how, but Goldsby manages to take what was already an achingly beautiful piece of music and make it even more beautiful, adding layers of complexity and a completely new bridge. The first time I listened to it I was struck by the thought, “Whoa! This is really different!”–then I found myself punching the repeat button on my iPod. Over and over. I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Goldsby has a distinctive style that is evident on that piece and all the other tracks on the album, possessing a delicacy of touch that nonetheless conveys a strong sense of melody. The end result is a set of memorable pieces that avoids the blandness seen in too much of new age music. If you like contemporary pianists such as Yiruma, David Nevue, David Lanz, and the O’Neill Brothers, I think you will enjoy this album greatly. –Amazon Vine Reviewer, Monica Kern (Review of MP3 Album)

This CD is in constant rotation in my office. Goldsby is able to coax complicated emotion from the piano; the music here is at once gentle and heartbreaking. Her playing style is incredibly relaxed, confident and soulful. I was lucky enough to have heard a few of these pieces in their early incarnations such as “The Tattooed Bride” and “Pour Monsieur” and to hear where these gems have landed is extremely gratifying. Still playful, they now have a maturity and grace that makes them incredibly enjoyable listen after repeated listen. In addition to her composing talents, Robin Meloy Goldsby is also a terrific arranger. You will not find prettier arrangements of Yiruma’s “A River Flows Through You” or “Feather” (the theme from Forrest Gump). Embellishments are perfect, timely and expertly played, never excessive. This recording, on a Steinway grand, is clear and true. I think you will find yourself hitting the “repeat” button as well. –Robin Spielberg

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Songs From The Castle

A collection of eleven new compositions for solo piano and several lovely standards, Songs from the Castle mingles Robin’s graceful melodies with the artistic and relaxed arrangements that have become her trademark.

Songs from the Castle,
Goldsby’s third solo piano recording, pays tribute to the places Robin once dreamed about, and to Schloss Lerbach, the European castle where she currently performs. Robin says: “In between those long-ago fantasies and the sometimes harsh reality of my everyday life as a musician and writer, I’ve built a few castles of my own. These invisible palaces exist in my cherished memories of family and friends, the home I’ve made with my husband and children, and the music I’ve continued to write . . .”

“Songs from the Castle” is one of the most beautifully played collections of solo piano I’ve ever heard. Robin Meloy Goldsby’s got a magical gift, the ability to stir memories and emotions with those 88 keys. Eleven of the songs of the 15 are her own compositions. The sound quality on this CD is stellar. It will be one of the half-dozen I take to the stereo store to test out audio equipment in the future. I feel completely inadequate to the task of describing the music here, but the following are three of my strongest impressions. This CD reminded me of the first music I remember–my Mom playing piano. Mom also played “Pachelbel Canon in D”, not as well as Robin, but I remember her smile whenever she heard the song.  “First Snow” reminds me of traveling up into the Smokies to Johnson City, TN one March and seeing snowflakes falling as big as half dollars. They were inexpressibly beautiful, chilling, and exhilarating at the same time. That purity rings in the notes from Ms. Goldsby’s Steinway. “Magic in the Night” conjured the images of my first sight of fireflies. I ran around my Grandma’s house trying to find ‘Tinkerbell.’  Music, like mirrors and magic, is strictly up to the listener’s interpretation. Just listen with your mind and heart open and see what this CD brings you.

R. Kyle (Knoxville, TN) – Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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“The sun hides in shadows and the changing light paints a sky the color of crushed rose petals on tea-stained linen. I wish my whole life could be this color. Night falls. The approaching star dance will, with luck, follow me into the deep folds of darkness and grace my dreams with its playful arabesque . . .”

Twilight is Robin Meloy Goldsby’s second solo piano recording. Goldsby performs fourteen original piano compositions with a gentle touch, setting the mood for reflection and meditation, a quiet evening at home, or a romantic dinner. Although Twilight is perfect atmosphere music, the songs are beautifully composed–with lilting melodies, serene harmonies, and memorable passages that call for repeated listenings.

Included with the CD is a sixteen page two-language booklet (English-German) with Goldsby’s poetic musings and stories about her compositions, such as this passage describing the piece “One Woman’s Journey:”

“I walk slowly on an ancient wooded path that leads from my home into the surrounding hills. Next to me is my one-year-old son, pointing his fist at the small birds fluttering from tree to tree. The light is amber, but the leaves are growing dusty and curled. The summer is over. I imagine another time here in Germany, and another woman with a small child who may have walked this same path. Another time, another journey; not to be forgotten as I take my son’s hand and try to protect him from the beautiful day.”

“Langsam folge ich einem alten Waldpfad, der von meinem Haus in die Hügel führt, die es umgeben. Ganz nah an meiner Seite geht mein einjähriger Sohn. Er deutet mit seiner kleinen Faust zu den winzigen Vögeln, die von Baum zu Baum flattern. Das Licht scheint bernsteinfarben, aber die Blätter werden schon staubig und kräuseln sich. Der Sommer ist vorüber. Ich denke an eine andere Zeit hier in Deutschland — und an eine andere Frau mit einem kleinen Kind, die möglicherweise denselben Pfad gelaufen sind. Eine andere Erfahrung, eine andere Zeit . . . es gibt kein Vergessen. Ich umschliesse die Hand meines Sohnes und versuche diesen wundervollen Tag für ihn zu bewahren.”

Listen to the music, read the booklet, and be rewarded with an accoustic voyage into Goldsby’s world–a place where graceful solo piano accompanies a symphony of emotions.

Twilight was produced by Robin Spielberg, and recorded by Reinhard Kobialka at Topaz Audio Studios in Cologne, Germany. The recording includes the following tracks:

  • HUSH

All tracks composed, arranged, and performed by Robin Meloy Goldsby.
Manufacturing and Marketing by Bass Lion Publishing
Ms. Goldsby plays Steinway pianos
Cosmetics provided by M.A.C.

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Somewhere In Time

“Sometimes a song grabs hold of you and makes a magical journey deep into your soul. That’s what these songs are to me . . .little voyages that take me back to very special moments in my life and carry me forward to where I am happiest. Right here, right now.”

Somewhere in Time, recorded at Nola Studios in New York City, is Robin Meloy Goldsby’s debut solo piano recording. The CD, produced by composer/pianist Robin Spielberg features some of Goldsby’s favorite songs, gracefully played and beautifully arranged.

  • Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
  • Cavatina
  • Vincent
  • Somewhere In Time/Over The Rainbow
  • Something
  • She’s Leaving Home
  • Charade
  • Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
  • You’ve Got A Friend
  • Come In From The Rain
  • How Do You Keep The Music Playing
  • Music Of Goodbye

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