Robin Meloy Goldsby’s Magnolia celebrates the arrival of spring. With her relaxing, refreshing, and beautiful arrangements Robin offers the listener forty-five graceful minutes of skillful solo piano. Full of optimism and gentle power, her original compositions echo the subtle change of seasons, while her interpretations of familiar melodies reflect the passing of time. Her music mirrors the happiness of springtime: new life, new love, and long afternoons in the park. Original compositions on the album include Mirage, written with Robin’s son, Curtis Goldsby; Lerbach Sunday Morning,an uplifting tribute to the German castle where Goldsby performs; She Walks with Me, a nod to the women in Goldsby’s life; and Seventh Sun, a lilting waltz penned with Robin’s husband, John Goldsby. The title track, Magnolia,is a musical snapshot of the bank of Magnolia trees lining the Lerbach Park, which bloom in a symphony of colors each spring. Produced by John Goldsby and engineered and mastered by Reinhard Kobialka at Topaz Studios in Cologne, Germany, Magnolia promises the rich Steinway sound already familiar to Robin’s fans. This is quality solo piano music, perfect for a quiet evening at home or a morning on sunlit terrace. Magnolia opens the door to the spring season at any time of year.

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